Short-term Rental Property Design Service

Want to know why White Spider is one of the fastest growing vacation rental managers in the country? Schedule a FREE 20-minute consultation to find out how we can turn your investment into dollar signs!”

How White Spider can help with Rental Design ?

With hundreds of Airbnb listings in your city right now, how do you set your rental apart?  The secret is photos and ratings. Check out our design portfolio and see just how stunning we make properties look.

Allow the White Spider short-term rental design team customize your rental to appeal to your target demographic. Whether you have a ski chalet, mid-century ranch or a Garden District mansion, we’ll add vibrancy to your space, and the guests will come to you in droves. We promise.

With over 10 years of experience, our interior design professionals will curate unique, beautiful spaces that will garner you 5-star reviews. (One of our designs was so popular that Airbnb headquarters recreated it for one of their San Francisco conference rooms!)

We want your guests to have the 5-star experiences that rival any luxury hotel stay, and we can make it happen in your home.

If you need full Airbnb rental management services, we do that, too! Our concierge team will flip, stage, and oversee all aspects of the booking process with your guests so that you don’t have to.

Call us at 877-955-0060 or contact us right away to find out more about our services to find out more about our rental interior design and Airbnb management services.


After designing and managing my own Airbnbs for four years, I realized that my experience could help me launch a hospitality-geared company, and the concept for a multi-faceted rental concierge was born