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A Hawthorne Home Transformation

The house is amazing. As usual, Head designer, Shelly Ciszek and White Spider PDX staging and design team transformed this Portland, Oregon home in the Hawthorne neighborhood.


This stunning, massive, luxury home–filled with better-than-hotel-quality king-sized beds–is located just steps from the famous Hawthorne District! This original Craftsman has been professionally designed for the most particular of travelers, tucked away on a quiet block but right off one of Portland’s most sought-after nightlife, dining & shopping districts. Gather around the handcrafted wood dining table with friends, or unwind on the private back patio after checking out the neighborhood!




The CUSTOM BUILT SHELF IS LIFE and more than we could have asked for. 
I mean, if you can’t see yourself surrounded by family at that table while the smooth wood holds your meals, and caresses it like it was cooked by Ramsey himself…..are you really even human? 

If you can’t see yourself laughing with your family at that table, as you remember that time grandma spit her teeth out while trying to blow out candles. Do you even know what true love is? 

If you can’t see yourself sitting at that table perfectly lining your food up, and forcing your family to smile for THE PERFECT Instagram photo after spending all day exploring the city, can you even experience true happiness?


In summary, THAT TABLE THOUGH. Is everything.

Because I know that you will want this, after all, you are a grandma loving human:

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